The Farm

"Insects were buzzing, birds were singing, and blooming flowers created colourful swaths across the rolling grassland."
Northumberland Coast AONB Farming and Land Management Awards for Excellence

Hunting Hall’s farmyard is a scene from a child’s picture book; a hen and her chicks peck through the grass, a happy saddleback sow tosses straw in a pen while her piglets play chase. A smart row of geese waddle up the yard and a peacock with magnificent jewelled tail perches on the barn door watched by two rescue donkeys, Freddie and Jamie, leaning idly over their field gate.

In the spring the shed is full of new lambs from our organic sheep flock and later they’ll graze the traditional organic meadows next to the cottages. Friendly bucket-reared calves from a local dairy farm often arrive in the autumn, full of lively inquisitiveness.

Explore Hunting Hall along the Farm Trail which meanders by a tree lined lonnen, through fields edged with wildflowers, to a small wood and pond. With the help of local people we’ve created Lowick Community Orchard at Hunting Hall and planted over 120 heritage fruit trees.

Looking after our countryside is at the heart of all we do at Hunting Hall. We’ve worked with young people and community groups on many wildlife conservation projects and won several conservation awards. We hope that everyone who visits the farm will experience the magic of exploring this very special place!