Car free days

Spend two days exploring Northumberland without your car and we’ll present you with a bottle of wine as a reward for being green! To take part, just drop your car keys off at the farmhouse before you start your 48 car-free hours.

There are some lovely activities that can be enjoyed at Hunting Hall without your car. Here are some suggestions:

Bird Watching

Hunting Hall has lots of farmland birds and has been highly commended by the RSPB for conservation work. Our habitat creation, tall hedges and areas sown specially to provide food for wild birds means that you will often see large flocks around the fields. There are identification guides available at the farm and if you would like to borrow binoculars, please ask at the farmhouse.


Just 2 miles from National Cycle Route 1, cycling from the farm is a great way to see the area. There are many quiet country lanes and so much to visit within cycling distance! The cycleway along the coast north of Holy Island is particularly special with dramatic sea views along cliffs and fields. There is plenty of room to store your bike at Hunting Hall and we have a cycle repair kit on hand if necessary.

Explore local footpaths

There are lots of footpaths around the farm for you to enjoy, leading to lovely peaceful spots where you can while away the hours with a book and a bar of chocolate. At the top of the farm you’ll find our community orchard with fabulous views across to the sea from the belvedere. Why not take part in our community orchard quiz or engage young children on the Farm Trail scavenger hunt?

Further afield you could take a picnic and spend a day enjoying our local countryside. Discover the shady wonders of Kyloe Woods or amble up to Lowick village for lunch.

A guided tour of the farm animals

Tom will be happy to show you around the farm. He’s in the farmyard feeding livestock each morning and welcomes guests who would like to know more about his livestock. Please do not go into the buildings by yourself.

Horse Riding

There are several stables close to the farm that offer horse riding experiences. Swinhoe Riding stables has some lovely treks through beautiful countryside and Kimmerston offers a wonderful beach ride for the more experienced rider.

Paddling at the Causeway

Pull on your wellies and head to Holy Island causeway where you’ll find lots of tidal pools and all sorts of seaside nature. The experience of standing on the causeway road watching the water retreat is always exciting - though don’t forget to check the tide times first! The causeway is a bike ride of about 5 miles from Hunting Hall.

Painting and Photography

Sitting quietly in the sunny countryside painting a picture is a lovely way to spend an afternoon, or capture some of the many beautiful scenes on your camera. Try focusing on a theme; wild flowers, farm animals, birds...

Picnic in the Dene

We can’t think of a nicer way to spend an afternoon with art materials or a good book! Spread out a blanket in the shade of a willow by the burn and enjoy the gentle sounds of the natural world.

Star Gazing

On a clear evening the starry sky at Hunting Hall can be spectacular. In the past the Northumberland Coast AONB and local astronomy group NASTRO have joined forces to host night sky events for the public at our farm. We have a small, table-top telescope which you are welcome to borrow.

Wildlife Watching

A walk around the farm in the early morning or evening should reveal deer, hare, rabbits, partridge, pheasants and if you are really lucky you may see a stoat or a small vole in the grass. Look out for fox or badger prints, flocks of farmland birds or a swoop of a barn owl through the darkening sky.

Seasonal Activities

Feed a lamb: In the Spring we sometimes have orphaned lambs to bottle feed. Bat Walk: Enjoy a summer evening walk to see bats flitting around the buildings Hedgerow Forage: Gather nature’s harvest in the autumn. Our hedges are full of wild plums, crab apples and brambles or forage for mushrooms in the fields.

Activities for Children...
  • Bark rubbings – put a sheet of paper against a tree’s trunk and gently rub over the paper with a soft crayon.
  • Nature weaving -Two sticks with strings between can make a basis for a weaving created from wild grasses, feathers, twigs, sheep’s wool etc.
  • Pond dipping - Nets, dishes and identification guides are kept in the little hut at the pond. Ask Karen if you need help to get started and don’t forget to put any wildlife you catch back into the water.
  • Mini beast surveys - Identification sheets are available on request.
  • Take paper and pencils into the field and try creating a poem, a picture, or a word picture. Sit very quietly and jot down exactly what you see - waving grass, insects, butterflies etc.
  • Tracking and laying trails. Please leave the countryside as you wish to find it!

Please ask Karen if you’re interested in any of these activities and require more information!